Year 4b

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Video Adverts

When we studied persuasive adverts we made videos to persuade us to visit other countries. The videos were finished a while ago but they’ve not been put on our blog before because we were always going to use them in our assembly. Now we’ve had our assembly, enjoy the videos. 🙂

Tudor Adventure Stories

We linked our literacy, stories set in the past, with our on-going study of Tudor times to create Tudor adventure stories. We chose to set our tales at sea because Tudor adventure and maritime warfare provided an exciting backdrop for interesting stories.
To write our stories we studied the different parts of a Tudor ship, to ensure we used the correct vocabulary to make it a convincing Tudor setting (see our calligrams blog!). Then we watched youtube videos describing and showing the difficulties of life at sea in a small ship; during cannon warfare and during very bad weather. Finally we wrote our stories in four chapters based on the opening, the build up, the climax and the resolution of our tales.
Please take time to pause the slideshow and read our work, we are very proud of our presentation and hope you enjoy it too. 🙂
Tudor Tales on the Salty Seas on PhotoPeach

Christmas Around the World

Our Christmas production has been performed and I’m pleased to say that all the children from year 3 and year 4 did BRILLIANTLY! We didn’t have very much time to learn the songs/dances or lines for the performance but, on the day, the show was brilliant. There is a possibility that footage of the performance could be posted on other pages in our Brppkburn blog but as yet I’ve heard no news.
Unfortunately I (Mr. Sumner) didn’t get to see it as I was behind a partition, opperating the music. As a result, I only managed to grab a few photos of most of the children afterwards, as the otheres were getting high-5s from their parents etc.
If any parent managed to record a movie of the performance I’d be greatful if you could let me know so that we could discuss getting it onto our blog (and the blogs for the other classes involved of course).

Christmas Around the World on PhotoPeach