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Video Adverts

When we studied persuasive adverts we made videos to persuade us to visit other countries. The videos were finished a while ago but they’ve not been put on our blog before because we were always going to use them in our assembly. Now we’ve had our assembly, enjoy the videos. 🙂

Half Term Fun? Half Term Fibbing?

This weekend I’m going to a wedding in Lincolnshire, a very old town with loads of cool historical sites. What have you been up to? Maybe you’ve been somewhere interesting or done something fun with family or friends. Even if you’ve not been anywhere special you could still make it up.

Weather Around the World

For Easter homework, I asked my class to research the weather from different places and to make posters to persuade and inform people about what they’d need for a visit there. Today my class astounded me with some of the persuasive features, layout designs, detailed research and awesome artwork they featured in their homework.
However, the great quality presented a problem… Where could we display this work?
Star of the day for her great idea (to take photos and put them on the blog) was Pippi. Thanks everyone.
Weather Around the World on PhotoPeach

Easter Royal Wedding Homework

The UK has been given an extra day off so that we can celebrate the Royal Wedding. What are you going to do? Are you going to watch it at home? Maybe with friends or family? Perhaps you’re not going to watch it at all, so what are you doing with your extra day off?
Hopefully you will all find time to enjoy the extra day. Blog about what you are doing here.

South Lakes Wildlife Park

Well, I told you about South Lakes Wildlife Park and now I’ve been.  I went on Saturday with my wife and a couple of friends.  It is superb.  There are lots of lemurs wandering around and all sorts of other great animals too.  Also, when they feed the tigers and jaguars, they put the meat high up on a pole (like a telegraph pole) and the animals climb up them to get their food.  The tigers were so quick that it was frightening!

If anyone is intending to go, it takes about two hours from Manchester and I’d take a packed lunch as the food at the Park is quite expensive.

South Lakes Wildlife Park on PhotoPeach

Holiday Homework

Don’t forget the ‘Through the window’ homework, take a picture on a digital camera or mobile, print it out and explain why you’ve chosen this scene. We’ll be displaying the photos in school and there will be a prize for two people from each year group – happy picture taking!


I went outside today and, now that the snow has started to melt, I could see all the different footprints in the snow. It made me think about Philip going to the school in Beaver Towers and doing lessons like ‘tracks’. Baby B must be really observant to be able to tell the difference between different footprints.
Have you seen any tracks in the snow?
The picture shows that lots of birds have been walking around my garden.
What tracks have you seen in the snow and what could you work out from what you’ve seen?

Christmas Around the World

Our Y3/4 Christmas production is all about different countries celebrating Christmas. What do you do at Christmas? Blog to tell me some of the things that you always do at Christmas, whether it is traditional or simply something that your family do. VISITORS – We’d be delighted if you could tell us what you do at Christmas too. For example, my sister once spent a Christmas on Bondi Beach in Australia!

Busy half term?

Hi everyone. What have you been up to so far in the half term?

I’ve just been to some friends’ wedding in Newcastle and am about to visit some more friends that live in London.  Check on a map to see which parts of the UK I’ll have travelled through.

Has anyone else been anywhere interesting or done something wonderful?