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Brian Moses – Beat Poetry @ Brookburn!

On Wednesday we were lucky to have Brian Moses, a published poet, in our school performing many of his wonderful poems. I’d read and enjoyed some of his poems before, I even have at least one of his collections in my library, but I had no idea he would be so fantastic! Inspired by Bob Dylan, Brian delivered lots of his poems using percussion; he would deliver to the beat, go quieter/louder to add dynamics, he gave us excitingpoems, sad poems, happy, funny, dramatic, scarey poems… My class thoroughly enjoyed it, as did KS2.
You can see the excitement in the children’s faces on these pictures.

Brian Moses on PhotoPeach

Friction – Part 2

Earlier on in our science work on forces we looked at how friction helps our shoes grip, today it was the sequel! Each table had to move the jelly from one plate to the next and then pass it on. We did it twice, once just moving jelly with the ends of paint brushes, then we did it again after coating everything with olive oil.
Can you remember how friction played its part?
Blog below to say which bits were easier and which were harder before and after we added the oil.
Friction – Part 2 on PhotoPeach

Woking hard to make our Tudor display work

This is the scene that slightly scares me. Throughout the year the children have been taught how to research, compile and write non-chronological reports. They have also been taught how to set up an area to work in to use a range of different media: chalks, oil pastels, water colours, Brusho etc.
This is the part when everyone is hard at work, using a range of different resouces, making the backgrounds or images to illustrate their Tudor reports.
The class began by making a mind map of all the different areas that they could research: crime and punishment, Henry VIII, Henry’s wives, exploration, Tudor food… the list was huge! Then they were given time to research an area that they were interested in and take notes. We then compiled our notes into sections before writing topic paragraphs that organised our work.
I was worried, with so many different materials on the tables, that all sorts of accidents and catastrophes could happen. However, I have been delighted by how everyone has worked really hard and has looked after the resources. Well done everyone!
I’ll post images of the display and each piece of work once they are completed.
Making our illustrated Tudor reports on PhotoPeach

Comic Relief 2011

Well, what can you do? When some pupils ask you politely if they can throw wet sponges at you to raise money for Comic Relief, what can you do?
Well done to all the pupils involved, we had people doing sponsored silences, sponsored hopping, making and selling comics, guess the celebrity competitions and even an incredible two headed monster. The sun came out and we all went to the playground instead of having a normal Golden Time. These photos were taken by Beth (thank you) who promised she’d stay dry.
Perhaps someone could blog to add any information; say how much was raised etc.
A fun end to the week!
Comic Relief 2011 on PhotoPeach

Book Week!

During World Book Week we have had our own book fair here at Brookburn. We have had four book stands packed with amazing reads to look at. We also had a special Book Week assembly where we had a visitor to talk through some of the many books on show, to help guide our choices by telling us about some of the wonderful stories and fabulous fact books on show.
Book Week on PhotoPeach
What is your favourite story? Who is your favourite author? Have you read any good books recently? What are you currently reading?

What are you fibbing during your half term?

Instead of asking you what you have been up to, although you could blog that if you wish to, I thought I’d like to read some imaginative nonsense instead. Think of something outrageous and write a blog to pretend that’s what you’ve been doing.
However, please don’t include anything negative or unfriendly as I will not publish them to our blog.
So far this week I’ve scored 4 overhead kicks, like Wayne Rooney’s but much better, this was during a friendly game between me and my friends and the Barcelona first team. Needless to say it was a thrilling game but my team came out on top, beating them 7-1.
I’ve also been finishing my underground super den. I completed the dance hall and the swimming pool this morning so I’ve only got to put the 100m plasma TV on the wall then I can invite my Fabio Capello over to watch the highlights of my football team’s demolition of Barcelona.

Who was William Shakespeare?

We are going to be working with Liz Cheatham from Chorlton High School on a musical project; to make instruments and to perform and record musical pieces for a production of The Comedy of Errors. The performance will eventually be at the Blue Box Theatre.

Your challenge this week is to try to find out as much as possible about William Shakespeare.

  • Who was he?
  • Where did he live?
  • When did he live?
  • What did he write?
  • Anything else?

Blog it here!


As each new year begins, many of us make promises to ourselves that we’ll try to improve ourselves. Well, we had some mini calenders (thanks Miss Taylor!) so we made a colourful background, using Brusho, and wrote a reminder to ourselves of one of our targets for the year. We hope you like the effect.
Resolutions on PhotoPeach

Speaking Swahili

We were very fortunate today. Mrs. Carroll is the parent of a child in Mrs. Kind’s class and she came into school to teach us some Swahili. Mrs. Carroll lived in Kenya for a few years while she was growing up so she taught us how to meet and greet each other and how to order some common food and drinks. Finally she taught us a very popular Kenyan song, Jambo Bwana. That is the song in the background. Speaking Swahili on PhotoPeach
Thank you very much Mrs. Carroll, we really enjoyed our session with you.

The Not So Happy Tree

Well, well, well…
As I got to school this morning I was greeted by an odd sight. A huge tree in our school grounds has blown over and is blocking Brookburn Road.