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Brian Moses – Beat Poetry @ Brookburn!

On Wednesday we were lucky to have Brian Moses, a published poet, in our school performing many of his wonderful poems. I’d read and enjoyed some of his poems before, I even have at least one of his collections in my library, but I had no idea he would be so fantastic! Inspired by Bob Dylan, Brian delivered lots of his poems using percussion; he would deliver to the beat, go quieter/louder to add dynamics, he gave us excitingpoems, sad poems, happy, funny, dramatic, scarey poems… My class thoroughly enjoyed it, as did KS2.
You can see the excitement in the children’s faces on these pictures.

Brian Moses on PhotoPeach

Clay Faces on Crowded Trees

Also on FAB day (see blog below) we used clay to create faces on trees. It was a lot of fun smearing the clay onto the bark and smoothing it flat so that it would stick there for as long as possible.
This activity was also inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, from his ‘Time’ book. In the book he pushes clay onto trees and keeps taking photographs as the clay dries out and starts to fall off the branches.
I hope you enjoy our work.
Clay Faces on Crowded Trees on PhotoPeach

Sticks and Domes

Brookburn had a FAB day (Fun At Brookburn) on Friday when each class was asked to do a demonstration lesson. Before I even knew what we would do with my class Mrs. McKessy asked if we could do some Andy Goldsworthy style environmental art.
One of the important principles of Andy Goldsworthy’s art is that you can only use natural materials to make whatever you make, it’s important not to use tape or string or anything else that would not be found naturally and many of his works require a lot of patience. We chose to make a large stick dome as there were so many of us to gather the sticks we’d need.
Consequently, here we have it. Photos of my class and some parent volunteers building up a stick dome/behive/pile/nest/… If you have any better words to describe what we made, please do.
The music chosen is Brick by Brick by Arctic Monkeys, If only they had sung Stick by Stick, it would have suited this much better.
Sticks and Domes on PhotoPeach

2000 Comments? Very Nearly!

We have now had 1897 comments since we began this blog in September. I’d like to thank all those who have commented for your effort and time, YOU are the people who help to motivate my class and I towards quality work worthy of display on the internet.  There was a certificate for the 1000th comment that went to Che from my class, I’ve decided that I will make one for the 2000th comment as well.  If the 2000th comment comes from overseas then I will post a comment to thank you for your effort and time before awarding the paper copy to the student within our school who came closest to the 2000th.
To our reguar visitors from schools around the world; to family members wherever you are; to other students from Brookburn and existing class members who visit this blog and contribute with your comments… THANK YOU!

Book Week!

During World Book Week we have had our own book fair here at Brookburn. We have had four book stands packed with amazing reads to look at. We also had a special Book Week assembly where we had a visitor to talk through some of the many books on show, to help guide our choices by telling us about some of the wonderful stories and fabulous fact books on show.
Book Week on PhotoPeach
What is your favourite story? Who is your favourite author? Have you read any good books recently? What are you currently reading?

Professor Brainstorm

Big, big thanks to Mrs. Kind for making the slideshow! My camera ran out of batteries (my fault) less than halfway through.
I thoroughly enjoyed learning so much about forces, Prof. Brainstorm is always a treat for me.
What was your favourite part of the show? Can anyone tell me which forces were being demonstrated?
Remember NOT to use names that could identify any of Professor Brainstorms helpers though!
Professor Brainstorm on PhotoPeach

Who was William Shakespeare?

We are going to be working with Liz Cheatham from Chorlton High School on a musical project; to make instruments and to perform and record musical pieces for a production of The Comedy of Errors. The performance will eventually be at the Blue Box Theatre.

Your challenge this week is to try to find out as much as possible about William Shakespeare.

  • Who was he?
  • Where did he live?
  • When did he live?
  • What did he write?
  • Anything else?

Blog it here!

Buddhist Visit

As part of our Buddhism study, we went to the Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Chorlton. When we got there we were asked to take our shoes off and then we went inside the main room. In there we discovered that there are in fact many different types of Buddhist teachings. We also learnt a little about meditation and were taught lots about the different Buddhas and some of the rituals involved.

Christmas Around the World

Our Y3/4 Christmas production is all about different countries celebrating Christmas. What do you do at Christmas? Blog to tell me some of the things that you always do at Christmas, whether it is traditional or simply something that your family do. VISITORS – We’d be delighted if you could tell us what you do at Christmas too. For example, my sister once spent a Christmas on Bondi Beach in Australia!

A Kenyan Presentation

We’d all like to say a great big thank you to Nick Anderson who came in on Friday to talk about his experiences in Kenya. Nick was in Kenya with the Scouts and he shared a presentation that he’d made. The children enjoyed finding out about the roads, food and people that Nick met on his travels. He also brought some Kenyan money and some artefacts for the children to look at and handle. Thank you Nick!