Year 4b

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Video Adverts

When we studied persuasive adverts we made videos to persuade us to visit other countries. The videos were finished a while ago but they’ve not been put on our blog before because we were always going to use them in our assembly. Now we’ve had our assembly, enjoy the videos. 🙂

Weather Around the World

For Easter homework, I asked my class to research the weather from different places and to make posters to persuade and inform people about what they’d need for a visit there. Today my class astounded me with some of the persuasive features, layout designs, detailed research and awesome artwork they featured in their homework.
However, the great quality presented a problem… Where could we display this work?
Star of the day for her great idea (to take photos and put them on the blog) was Pippi. Thanks everyone.
Weather Around the World on PhotoPeach

A Kenyan Presentation

We’d all like to say a great big thank you to Nick Anderson who came in on Friday to talk about his experiences in Kenya. Nick was in Kenya with the Scouts and he shared a presentation that he’d made. The children enjoyed finding out about the roads, food and people that Nick met on his travels. He also brought some Kenyan money and some artefacts for the children to look at and handle. Thank you Nick!

Speaking Swahili

We were very fortunate today. Mrs. Carroll is the parent of a child in Mrs. Kind’s class and she came into school to teach us some Swahili. Mrs. Carroll lived in Kenya for a few years while she was growing up so she taught us how to meet and greet each other and how to order some common food and drinks. Finally she taught us a very popular Kenyan song, Jambo Bwana. That is the song in the background. Speaking Swahili on PhotoPeach
Thank you very much Mrs. Carroll, we really enjoyed our session with you.

Kenyan Animal Poetry

As we studied Kenya, we linked our literacy and artwork to create (initially) shape poetry based on Kenyan animals. After this we used BRUSHO to create a Kenyan sunset and then looked at science (silhouettes) in our sketch books. All of this work will go into our Kenyan self-made books.

The Big 5 Survey

We are Studying Kenya

This term we are going to be studying Kenya.  What do you know about Kenya?  Where is it?  What is the weather like and what would you expect to see there?

Write anything that you know about Kenya as a comment.  If you don’t know anything then you could ask a question.