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Brian Moses – Beat Poetry @ Brookburn!

On Wednesday we were lucky to have Brian Moses, a published poet, in our school performing many of his wonderful poems. I’d read and enjoyed some of his poems before, I even have at least one of his collections in my library, but I had no idea he would be so fantastic! Inspired by Bob Dylan, Brian delivered lots of his poems using percussion; he would deliver to the beat, go quieter/louder to add dynamics, he gave us excitingpoems, sad poems, happy, funny, dramatic, scarey poems… My class thoroughly enjoyed it, as did KS2.
You can see the excitement in the children’s faces on these pictures.

Brian Moses on PhotoPeach

Hunting for Tudor food

On Friday we learnt a little about the Tudor attitude to animals. They basically treated all animals as vermin to be killed and they would eat pretty much anything. With our resident artist, Brian, we set out to hunt for vermin to eat in our school grounds where we saw crows, magpies, ducks and even a heron. We also found lots of evidence of other animals such as rabbit and fox holes.
It was a fun but muddy afternoon; a great way to end the week 😉
(No animals were actually caught, harmed or eaten.)
Hunting for Tudor food on PhotoPeach