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Video Adverts

When we studied persuasive adverts we made videos to persuade us to visit other countries. The videos were finished a while ago but they’ve not been put on our blog before because we were always going to use them in our assembly. Now we’ve had our assembly, enjoy the videos. 🙂

Recording Music

This week we were lucky enough to go to Chorlton High to record our music for their production of William Shakespeare’s Comedy Of Errors. We had to move quickly to get there and when we were there we had to wait a bit before we recorded. Also, once we had recorded our part, we had to really move quickly to get back to school in time.
Despite all of the hard work (including carrying our instruments) I thought we did really well; our music sounded fantastic!
Here are a few photos of our recording session.
Recording at Chorlton High on PhotoPeach
If you are wondering why I’ve chosen the music, listen to the percussion, it sounds like the music we recorded (although I’ve not added any cranky vocals 😉 ).

Making Instruments

This year, as part of our work with Chorlton High school, our Y4 children have been working with Liz Cheatham. Liz asked the children to first make instruments before working to create music for a production of Shakespeare’s Comedy Of Errors. Here are a few pictures of my class making and posing with their instruments.
Making Instruments on PhotoPeach

Who was William Shakespeare?

We are going to be working with Liz Cheatham from Chorlton High School on a musical project; to make instruments and to perform and record musical pieces for a production of The Comedy of Errors. The performance will eventually be at the Blue Box Theatre.

Your challenge this week is to try to find out as much as possible about William Shakespeare.

  • Who was he?
  • Where did he live?
  • When did he live?
  • What did he write?
  • Anything else?

Blog it here!

Christmas Around the World

Our Christmas production has been performed and I’m pleased to say that all the children from year 3 and year 4 did BRILLIANTLY! We didn’t have very much time to learn the songs/dances or lines for the performance but, on the day, the show was brilliant. There is a possibility that footage of the performance could be posted on other pages in our Brppkburn blog but as yet I’ve heard no news.
Unfortunately I (Mr. Sumner) didn’t get to see it as I was behind a partition, opperating the music. As a result, I only managed to grab a few photos of most of the children afterwards, as the otheres were getting high-5s from their parents etc.
If any parent managed to record a movie of the performance I’d be greatful if you could let me know so that we could discuss getting it onto our blog (and the blogs for the other classes involved of course).

Christmas Around the World on PhotoPeach

Anti-Bullying Assembly

Thanks again to Mrs. Jordan, a drama specialist, from Chorlton High School, who came in school again today to give each year group an anti-bullying assembly. The year 3 and 4 assembly told a very pertinent (check out that cool word!) story about how one mean person can lead others to be mean as well. We were pleased to see that the victim told their teacher and the bullying was stopped. It was also a treat to see a couple of ex-Brookburn pupils, now in Year 8, amongst the cast.

Kofi’s Story

Big thank you to Mrs. Jordan who has created a scheme of work, to support our Kenyan studies, based on the East African slave trade. My children have acted out the story of Kofi, sho was sold into slavery. His life would have been trajic. Mrs. Jordan gave us experiences to help us think about conditions on the slave ship, life in chains, being bullied, being forced to live a long way from home etc.

The children enjoyed the experience a lot and found that the drama activities helped them to think deeply about a very tricky topic.
Well done my class!

The Happy Tree

Wow! Today was a very busy day. We began our fun (please excuse me calling school fun, but it was) with The Happy Tree.
The Happy Tree was a play about how important it is to look after our environment. The actors played lots of different parts and gave is some very important information. Blog on the comments section to tell me what you remember about the messages that we were given. Alternatively you could just say what you enjoyed best about the performance.
Any guests who wish to comment may ask questions for my class to answer. Otherwise you could comment on the pictures or even tell us what you know about caring for the environment.

Oh, anyone in my class who enjoyed it, please thank Mrs. Cotton (because she is the one who organised this for us).