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Half Term Fun? Half Term Fibbing?

This weekend I’m going to a wedding in Lincolnshire, a very old town with loads of cool historical sites. What have you been up to? Maybe you’ve been somewhere interesting or done something fun with family or friends. Even if you’ve not been anywhere special you could still make it up.

Superheroes For Hire!

Last week KS2 had a writing week dedicated to Superheroes. As we were already looking at persuasive writing, our class decided to make classified ads (those adverts that you sometimes see on notice boards in SUPERmarkets) to advertise the skills of different Superheroes that we made up. It was a great oportunity to create our own Superhero and it also gave us a chance to practice using connectives to explain how our characters could help people and to explain some of their limitations.
The characters were designed in our sketch books before being drawn and finally coloured using drawing ink. Finally the pictures were put with the classified texts and backed ready for display.
I hope you enjoy looking at them, I think they are all SUPER. Please feel free to use your own superlatives to describe this work 😉
Superheroes For Hire! on PhotoPeach

Using My Senses

At the end of our poetry unit we looked a poem called Using My Senses as a starting point for our own senses poems. Following on from our sound poems, we used ICT, this time using Microsoft Movie Maker, to record our own poems. Then we collected and altered images to go with the words of our poem. Finally we tried to add sounds to help us illustrate our ideas to the next level.

Persuade me…

At the moment we are looking at persuasive writing in our literacy work, consequently I thought I’d put a blog up here so that we can practise and collect examples of persuasive language.  I decided to base it on the party game where you normally have to remember what the first person said before adding an extra item for the next person to add to the list.

Usually the game makes a list of undescribed items (I bought an apple, seven sausages, a Beano comic… etc.), let’s try to make a list of amazingly appealing items instead.

To start us off…

I went to the shop and bought a delicious, freshly picked green apple.

2000 Comments? Very Nearly!

We have now had 1897 comments since we began this blog in September. I’d like to thank all those who have commented for your effort and time, YOU are the people who help to motivate my class and I towards quality work worthy of display on the internet.  There was a certificate for the 1000th comment that went to Che from my class, I’ve decided that I will make one for the 2000th comment as well.  If the 2000th comment comes from overseas then I will post a comment to thank you for your effort and time before awarding the paper copy to the student within our school who came closest to the 2000th.
To our reguar visitors from schools around the world; to family members wherever you are; to other students from Brookburn and existing class members who visit this blog and contribute with your comments… THANK YOU!

Weather Around the World

For Easter homework, I asked my class to research the weather from different places and to make posters to persuade and inform people about what they’d need for a visit there. Today my class astounded me with some of the persuasive features, layout designs, detailed research and awesome artwork they featured in their homework.
However, the great quality presented a problem… Where could we display this work?
Star of the day for her great idea (to take photos and put them on the blog) was Pippi. Thanks everyone.
Weather Around the World on PhotoPeach

Easter Royal Wedding Homework

The UK has been given an extra day off so that we can celebrate the Royal Wedding. What are you going to do? Are you going to watch it at home? Maybe with friends or family? Perhaps you’re not going to watch it at all, so what are you doing with your extra day off?
Hopefully you will all find time to enjoy the extra day. Blog about what you are doing here.

Performing Poetry

We have recently begun studying poetry. We have looked at rhyme, rhythm, alliteration, similes, metaphors and personification so far, with a big focus on the images that the poets try to create. As part of our study we have been learning poems by heart and have also been looking at how we could add sounds and (in future) pictures to help to show poetic imagery.
These poems were studied over two days for their imagery and use of different features, then we decided to add sounds. This is part of an ICT project as we are going to use Vye personal computers to create our own performance poetry very soon.
The poems that we have recorded are:
Last Night I saw the City Breathing by Andrew Fusek Peters.

The Magic Box by Kit Wright.

The Snow Monster by John Foster

Being Told Off by Fiona Tomlinson.

The Sea is a Hungry Dog by James Reeves

Our Tudor Exhibition

We have now finished our Tudor illustrated reports and they are on display outside our classroom, next to the office. You can see a range of topics that have been researched and compiled into reports by my wonderfully hard working class.
You can see the slideshow here but the colours are more vivid and the words easier to read if you come into the school and have a look for yourselves 🙂
Our Tudor Exhibition on PhotoPeach

Friction – Part 2

Earlier on in our science work on forces we looked at how friction helps our shoes grip, today it was the sequel! Each table had to move the jelly from one plate to the next and then pass it on. We did it twice, once just moving jelly with the ends of paint brushes, then we did it again after coating everything with olive oil.
Can you remember how friction played its part?
Blog below to say which bits were easier and which were harder before and after we added the oil.
Friction – Part 2 on PhotoPeach