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We’ve moved!

Maybe some of the visitors here are wondering why we have not updated our blog. We have all moved.

Mr. Sumner is now working with a wonderful Y6 class, you can find them at here

Flanimal Adaptions

As we wind towards the end of the year we seek out some fun. We have done some science work on how animals are suited to their environments, for example polar bears are white and this helps them to be disguised in the snow; they have sharp teeth to help them eat their prey; they have large, wide feet so they don’t sink into the snow, etc.
To have some fun we decided to create our own flanimals that would live in perculiar places so would need very special adaptions to their bodies to help them in their strange environments.
Here they are.
Fanimal Adaptions on PhotoPeach

Assembly Next Week

Please remember to tell your family about our assembly next week: Thursday 14th @ 9:10.

Easter Royal Wedding Homework

The UK has been given an extra day off so that we can celebrate the Royal Wedding. What are you going to do? Are you going to watch it at home? Maybe with friends or family? Perhaps you’re not going to watch it at all, so what are you doing with your extra day off?
Hopefully you will all find time to enjoy the extra day. Blog about what you are doing here.

Blog of the year?

We have entered a competition and with your votes we could become class blog of the year. If you’d like to help us to win, click the ‘Education Blog Awards’ button on the left. It should take you to a voting slip.

Before you go, copy and paste our address so that you can paste it into ‘blog name/address’ section.

Click on ‘Class Blog of the Year’ and put your ownname and email in the gaps.

Thank you.

Spring is on the Way!

Have you noticed that spring is on its way? I was in the playground when I noticed the buds coming through on the trees. Then again at lunchtime, as I was out enjoying a walk in Chorlton Ees, I noticed traces of green returning to the empty branches of stick like trees.
Spring is here, let’s say goodbye to winter. on PhotoPeach
What signs of spring have you seen?

Do you have any questions for my class?

As our blog gets bigger and we have more and more visitors, I thought it would be (possibly) helpful if we posted a blog to allow any visitors to say hello, make any comments or ask any questions (either about us or about life in Manchester), go ahead!

About the Class

Max has just been posting, saying some of his favourite things. So, I thought I’d put a new post up so that my class (or any readers) can blog a little about themselves.

New Maths Games Added!!

I’ve added new maths games. One where you practise your times tables against people ONLINE and another where you can practise your place value.
Have a go and let me know what you think of them 😉


Lots of you have asked me how to do different types of smileys.  Here is a table that shows you what to do.  The only thing you need to do is to get rid of the spaces between the colons (:) and the text.  It’s a bit like spelling, to spell a word like ‘dog’ you need to put the letters ‘d o g’ together with no spaces to make the word. 

This is the same with emoticons, if you type : lol : without spaces you get 😆

smile : ) : – ) : smile : lol : lol :
biggrin : D : – D : grin : redface : oops :
sad : ( : – ( : sad : cry : cry :
surprised : o : - o : eek : evil : evil :
eek 8 O 8 – O : shock : twisted : twisted :
confused : ? : – ? : ??? : rolleyes : roll :
cool 8 ) 8 – ) : cool : exclaim : ! :
mad : x : – x : mad : question : ? :
razz : P : – P : razz : idea : idea :
neutral : | : – | : neutral : arrow : arrow :
wink ; ) ; – ) : wink : mrgreen : mrgreen :

This table has been copied from a blog by someone called Bethany.  If Bethany or any of her friends are here, thank you for typing it all out, I hope you don’t mind me showing my class how to make emoticons using your work.  😳