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2000 Comments? Very Nearly!

We have now had 1897 comments since we began this blog in September. I’d like to thank all those who have commented for your effort and time, YOU are the people who help to motivate my class and I towards quality work worthy of display on the internet.  There was a certificate for the 1000th comment that went to Che from my class, I’ve decided that I will make one for the 2000th comment as well.  If the 2000th comment comes from overseas then I will post a comment to thank you for your effort and time before awarding the paper copy to the student within our school who came closest to the 2000th.
To our reguar visitors from schools around the world; to family members wherever you are; to other students from Brookburn and existing class members who visit this blog and contribute with your comments… THANK YOU!

What are you fibbing during your half term?

Instead of asking you what you have been up to, although you could blog that if you wish to, I thought I’d like to read some imaginative nonsense instead. Think of something outrageous and write a blog to pretend that’s what you’ve been doing.
However, please don’t include anything negative or unfriendly as I will not publish them to our blog.
So far this week I’ve scored 4 overhead kicks, like Wayne Rooney’s but much better, this was during a friendly game between me and my friends and the Barcelona first team. Needless to say it was a thrilling game but my team came out on top, beating them 7-1.
I’ve also been finishing my underground super den. I completed the dance hall and the swimming pool this morning so I’ve only got to put the 100m plasma TV on the wall then I can invite my Fabio Capello over to watch the highlights of my football team’s demolition of Barcelona.

1000th Comment is Nearly Here!

Well done Y4B (and any visitors who’ve commented too), your frequent use of this blog has almost got us 1000 comments. The person who provides the 1000th will get a certificate to show their achievement.
Good luck.

Times Tables

Ok, as many of you have enjoyed collecting TP for commenting using speech punctuation, I thought it was time for a post about maths.  To collect TP here all you have to do is type out your times tables, using commas to separate each number.  Dont forget to use ‘and’ before writing the 10x fact (because when you make a list that’s how trhings should be set out).

An example:

The 3x table:  3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27 and 30.

There will be 1TP for each of these groups:

2x, 5x and 10x

3x and 4x

6x and 9x

7x and 8x

What have you been up to?

So far, with the weather being this cold, I’ve spent many evenings either at home sharing lovely food with friends, or out and about in Manchester, visiting the German markets. I’ve also just completed my Christmas shopping (Yay!). I now have to wrap ap all the gifts for my family and friends. I did treat myself to a bright red bobble hat too to cheer me up and keep the cold away.
What have you been up to?

On a cold, windy day…

On a cold, windy day, if I could choose one meal to keep me warm before I go outside it would be bangers and mash with lots and lots of really thick onion gravy. I also look forward to sitting inside, hopefully by a real fire, sharing mulled wine with good friends. What do you most crave on a freezing cold day?