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Fun @ MOSI

We ignored the rain to have fun while learning about many aspects of science at the Manchester Museum Of Science and Industry (MOSI). Here are three slideshows showing some of what we got up to.
Fun @ MOSI on PhotoPeach
Science @ MOSI on PhotoPeach
Printing @ MOSI on PhotoPeach

School Grounds’ Week (part II)

Another wonderful morning, again narrowly avoiding the heavy rain. As part of our science (habitats) work, and generally improving our understanding of the world, Mrs. McKessy and Mrs. Wilde took us to the pond to go pond dipping.
We had fun sweeping the edge with our nets and transporting all we found into a temporary container where we could study and identify it.
Back in the classroom we collated (what does that word mean?) our information and made bar charts to show all the creatures we found. You can see some of them if you pop into school and look at the display board near our classroom.
Unfortunately I can’t remember all we found, perhaps someone could remind me.
Pond Dipping on PhotoPeach

Friction – Part 2

Earlier on in our science work on forces we looked at how friction helps our shoes grip, today it was the sequel! Each table had to move the jelly from one plate to the next and then pass it on. We did it twice, once just moving jelly with the ends of paint brushes, then we did it again after coating everything with olive oil.
Can you remember how friction played its part?
Blog below to say which bits were easier and which were harder before and after we added the oil.
Friction – Part 2 on PhotoPeach


We have been studying forces in our science work this term. Friction is the force that slows objects down or grips when two surfaces come together. We took these photos show two tests that we did to see which shoes are the grippiest (create the most friction).
Friction Experiments on PhotoPeach
What can you remember about friction?
What other forces do you know about?
What is a Newtonmeter? Why is it called that and what does it measure?

Professor Brainstorm

Big, big thanks to Mrs. Kind for making the slideshow! My camera ran out of batteries (my fault) less than halfway through.
I thoroughly enjoyed learning so much about forces, Prof. Brainstorm is always a treat for me.
What was your favourite part of the show? Can anyone tell me which forces were being demonstrated?
Remember NOT to use names that could identify any of Professor Brainstorms helpers though!
Professor Brainstorm on PhotoPeach