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Weather Around the World

For Easter homework, I asked my class to research the weather from different places and to make posters to persuade and inform people about what they’d need for a visit there. Today my class astounded me with some of the persuasive features, layout designs, detailed research and awesome artwork they featured in their homework.
However, the great quality presented a problem… Where could we display this work?
Star of the day for her great idea (to take photos and put them on the blog) was Pippi. Thanks everyone.
Weather Around the World on PhotoPeach

Easter Royal Wedding Homework

The UK has been given an extra day off so that we can celebrate the Royal Wedding. What are you going to do? Are you going to watch it at home? Maybe with friends or family? Perhaps you’re not going to watch it at all, so what are you doing with your extra day off?
Hopefully you will all find time to enjoy the extra day. Blog about what you are doing here.

Using Speech Marks

“Speech marks can be tricky,” announced Mr. Sumner.

An arm shot up from the back of the class.

“Yes Sean?” Mr. Sumner continued.

“What’s hard about them?” Sean asked.

First of all we need to remember to put speech marks around all the words that are said out loud,Mr. Sumner replied.

“Is that it?” asked Pippi.

You also need capital letters and full stops, just like normal sentances.“  Mr. Sumner continued.

The class was silent for a while, thinking about what they had to remember, then Reuben noticed something else.

“You also need to start a new line every time there is a change in who is speaking, “ he said, “but if the same person carries on you can stay on the same line!” finished Reuben.

“That’s true Reuben,” said Mr, Sumner, “it’s like in a film.  When people have a conversation in a film, the camera keeps showing their faces so it flicks between the people talking.  When you write, starting on a new line is like getting a new camera shot so that the reader can follow who is speaking more easily.”

Now have a go at writing some speech, using all the ideas above, as a comment below.  Don’t forget to say who the speaker is.

Holiday Homework

Don’t forget the ‘Through the window’ homework, take a picture on a digital camera or mobile, print it out and explain why you’ve chosen this scene. We’ll be displaying the photos in school and there will be a prize for two people from each year group – happy picture taking!

The Big 5 Survey

Busy half term?

Hi everyone. What have you been up to so far in the half term?

I’ve just been to some friends’ wedding in Newcastle and am about to visit some more friends that live in London.  Check on a map to see which parts of the UK I’ll have travelled through.

Has anyone else been anywhere interesting or done something wonderful?