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Our Tudor Exhibition

We have now finished our Tudor illustrated reports and they are on display outside our classroom, next to the office. You can see a range of topics that have been researched and compiled into reports by my wonderfully hard working class.
You can see the slideshow here but the colours are more vivid and the words easier to read if you come into the school and have a look for yourselves 🙂
Our Tudor Exhibition on PhotoPeach

Woking hard to make our Tudor display work

This is the scene that slightly scares me. Throughout the year the children have been taught how to research, compile and write non-chronological reports. They have also been taught how to set up an area to work in to use a range of different media: chalks, oil pastels, water colours, Brusho etc.
This is the part when everyone is hard at work, using a range of different resouces, making the backgrounds or images to illustrate their Tudor reports.
The class began by making a mind map of all the different areas that they could research: crime and punishment, Henry VIII, Henry’s wives, exploration, Tudor food… the list was huge! Then they were given time to research an area that they were interested in and take notes. We then compiled our notes into sections before writing topic paragraphs that organised our work.
I was worried, with so many different materials on the tables, that all sorts of accidents and catastrophes could happen. However, I have been delighted by how everyone has worked really hard and has looked after the resources. Well done everyone!
I’ll post images of the display and each piece of work once they are completed.
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Tudor Research

During this half-term we are going to write reports about different aspects of Tudor life. Instead of the whole class studying food one day, fashion the next etc., we are going to each choose an area that we are interested in and research it as our homework.
For example, you may be interested in one of these topics:
weapons, food, fashion, rich and poor, schools and education, sport and leisure, health and hygiene, crime and punishment, Tudor theatres, ships, house, medicine, religion, explorers, houses, the battle of Bosworth, Henry VIII, Henry VII, Shakespeare or ANYTHING!
Let me know what you are doing and what you have found out on this blog.

Tudor Adventure Stories

We linked our literacy, stories set in the past, with our on-going study of Tudor times to create Tudor adventure stories. We chose to set our tales at sea because Tudor adventure and maritime warfare provided an exciting backdrop for interesting stories.
To write our stories we studied the different parts of a Tudor ship, to ensure we used the correct vocabulary to make it a convincing Tudor setting (see our calligrams blog!). Then we watched youtube videos describing and showing the difficulties of life at sea in a small ship; during cannon warfare and during very bad weather. Finally we wrote our stories in four chapters based on the opening, the build up, the climax and the resolution of our tales.
Please take time to pause the slideshow and read our work, we are very proud of our presentation and hope you enjoy it too. 🙂
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What would you do?

Sean has just fibbed about making a time machine during the half-term holidays.  This, as Sean rightly said, leads to the important question:  If you could go back in time who would you visit and why?

Another Queen Bites The Dust!

As we’ve been working on newspaper reports I thought I’d give you a chance to create your own Tudor headlines and opening sentences for a Tudor-themed report. 

Try to make your headline snappy enough to make me want to read the article.  Then try to include a ‘who, what, where, when and why’ in your opening sentence (orientation).

You could write about any major story from Tudor times or even about our own visit to Bramall Hall. Here’s my effort.

Another Queen Bites The Dust!

Catherine Howard became the second of King Henry’s wives to be beheaded, at the Tower of London last night, after she was found to be seeing another man behind Henry’s back.

Bramall Hall

Just before we broke up, we went on a visit to Bramall Hall where we found out loads more about what life was like for people living in Tudor times. We found out how they made their buildings (with wattle and daub), what rich and poor people would eat, about Tudor attitudes to cleanliness and much much more.
While we were there we also had a go at making wattles and daub (thankfully NOT with authentic materials), Tudor dancing, using a quill and we also got to see the wonderful ballroom in the hall.
Many of us dressed as Tudors (thanks parents for organising this) and some of us even ate simple Tudor style lunches.
Our Bramall Hall visit on PhotoPeach
And more…
Bramall Hall Part 2 on PhotoPeach
And more from Mrs. Kind…
Tudor Experience at Bramall Hall on PhotoPeach
And finally (also from Mrs. Kind)…
More Bramall Hall on PhotoPeach

Tudor Portraits

We have been making Tudor Portraits.  First we used sketching pencils to make a cartoon.  After that we used water colours to paint in the skin colours.  Finally we used chalk pastels to add colour in the costumes and to add shading detail to to skin.

Our portraits are of Henry VII, Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Kathryn Howard, Katherine Parr, Edward VI, Mary, Elizabeth, Walter Raleigh, Christopher Columbus, Francis Drake, William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe.

The music is Greensleves, which was apparently written by Henry VIII (who used to be a musician when he was young and thought that his older brother Arthur would become King).

Tudor Portraits on PhotoPeach

Famous Tudors

Ay school we have been making portraits of famous people from the Tudor times. For a display we have planned, you will need to find out a fact or two about these different people.

A full list of who we have made pictures of is:

Mary Tudor, Anne of Cleves, Walter Raleigh, Henry VII, Christopher Marlowe, Henry viii, Edward VI, Francis Drake, Elizabeth I, William Shakespeare, Christopher Columbus, Jane Seymour, Katherine Howard, Kathryn Parr, Anne Boleyn and Catherine of Aragon.

Blog your facts here!