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Clay Faces on Crowded Trees

Also on FAB day (see blog below) we used clay to create faces on trees. It was a lot of fun smearing the clay onto the bark and smoothing it flat so that it would stick there for as long as possible.
This activity was also inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, from his ‘Time’ book. In the book he pushes clay onto trees and keeps taking photographs as the clay dries out and starts to fall off the branches.
I hope you enjoy our work.
Clay Faces on Crowded Trees on PhotoPeach

Sticks and Domes

Brookburn had a FAB day (Fun At Brookburn) on Friday when each class was asked to do a demonstration lesson. Before I even knew what we would do with my class Mrs. McKessy asked if we could do some Andy Goldsworthy style environmental art.
One of the important principles of Andy Goldsworthy’s art is that you can only use natural materials to make whatever you make, it’s important not to use tape or string or anything else that would not be found naturally and many of his works require a lot of patience. We chose to make a large stick dome as there were so many of us to gather the sticks we’d need.
Consequently, here we have it. Photos of my class and some parent volunteers building up a stick dome/behive/pile/nest/… If you have any better words to describe what we made, please do.
The music chosen is Brick by Brick by Arctic Monkeys, If only they had sung Stick by Stick, it would have suited this much better.
Sticks and Domes on PhotoPeach

Making Instruments

This year, as part of our work with Chorlton High school, our Y4 children have been working with Liz Cheatham. Liz asked the children to first make instruments before working to create music for a production of Shakespeare’s Comedy Of Errors. Here are a few pictures of my class making and posing with their instruments.
Making Instruments on PhotoPeach

Professor Brainstorm

Big, big thanks to Mrs. Kind for making the slideshow! My camera ran out of batteries (my fault) less than halfway through.
I thoroughly enjoyed learning so much about forces, Prof. Brainstorm is always a treat for me.
What was your favourite part of the show? Can anyone tell me which forces were being demonstrated?
Remember NOT to use names that could identify any of Professor Brainstorms helpers though!
Professor Brainstorm on PhotoPeach

Who was William Shakespeare?

We are going to be working with Liz Cheatham from Chorlton High School on a musical project; to make instruments and to perform and record musical pieces for a production of The Comedy of Errors. The performance will eventually be at the Blue Box Theatre.

Your challenge this week is to try to find out as much as possible about William Shakespeare.

  • Who was he?
  • Where did he live?
  • When did he live?
  • What did he write?
  • Anything else?

Blog it here!

A Kenyan Presentation

We’d all like to say a great big thank you to Nick Anderson who came in on Friday to talk about his experiences in Kenya. Nick was in Kenya with the Scouts and he shared a presentation that he’d made. The children enjoyed finding out about the roads, food and people that Nick met on his travels. He also brought some Kenyan money and some artefacts for the children to look at and handle. Thank you Nick!

Speaking Swahili

We were very fortunate today. Mrs. Carroll is the parent of a child in Mrs. Kind’s class and she came into school to teach us some Swahili. Mrs. Carroll lived in Kenya for a few years while she was growing up so she taught us how to meet and greet each other and how to order some common food and drinks. Finally she taught us a very popular Kenyan song, Jambo Bwana. That is the song in the background. Speaking Swahili on PhotoPeach
Thank you very much Mrs. Carroll, we really enjoyed our session with you.

Anti-Bullying Assembly

Thanks again to Mrs. Jordan, a drama specialist, from Chorlton High School, who came in school again today to give each year group an anti-bullying assembly. The year 3 and 4 assembly told a very pertinent (check out that cool word!) story about how one mean person can lead others to be mean as well. We were pleased to see that the victim told their teacher and the bullying was stopped. It was also a treat to see a couple of ex-Brookburn pupils, now in Year 8, amongst the cast.

Kofi’s Story

Big thank you to Mrs. Jordan who has created a scheme of work, to support our Kenyan studies, based on the East African slave trade. My children have acted out the story of Kofi, sho was sold into slavery. His life would have been trajic. Mrs. Jordan gave us experiences to help us think about conditions on the slave ship, life in chains, being bullied, being forced to live a long way from home etc.

The children enjoyed the experience a lot and found that the drama activities helped them to think deeply about a very tricky topic.
Well done my class!

Road Safety

As well as the Happy Tree performance, Manchester’s Road Safety team came in to school today to tell us about the dangers on the road. There were five activities and each one aimed to tell us about safety on the roads.
What can you remember? What did you enjoy? Tell me about it by blogging below.