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Comic Relief 2011

Well, what can you do? When some pupils ask you politely if they can throw wet sponges at you to raise money for Comic Relief, what can you do?
Well done to all the pupils involved, we had people doing sponsored silences, sponsored hopping, making and selling comics, guess the celebrity competitions and even an incredible two headed monster. The sun came out and we all went to the playground instead of having a normal Golden Time. These photos were taken by Beth (thank you) who promised she’d stay dry.
Perhaps someone could blog to add any information; say how much was raised etc.
A fun end to the week!
Comic Relief 2011 on PhotoPeach

Book Week!

During World Book Week we have had our own book fair here at Brookburn. We have had four book stands packed with amazing reads to look at. We also had a special Book Week assembly where we had a visitor to talk through some of the many books on show, to help guide our choices by telling us about some of the wonderful stories and fabulous fact books on show.
Book Week on PhotoPeach
What is your favourite story? Who is your favourite author? Have you read any good books recently? What are you currently reading?

What would you do?

Sean has just fibbed about making a time machine during the half-term holidays.  This, as Sean rightly said, leads to the important question:  If you could go back in time who would you visit and why?

What are you fibbing during your half term?

Instead of asking you what you have been up to, although you could blog that if you wish to, I thought I’d like to read some imaginative nonsense instead. Think of something outrageous and write a blog to pretend that’s what you’ve been doing.
However, please don’t include anything negative or unfriendly as I will not publish them to our blog.
So far this week I’ve scored 4 overhead kicks, like Wayne Rooney’s but much better, this was during a friendly game between me and my friends and the Barcelona first team. Needless to say it was a thrilling game but my team came out on top, beating them 7-1.
I’ve also been finishing my underground super den. I completed the dance hall and the swimming pool this morning so I’ve only got to put the 100m plasma TV on the wall then I can invite my Fabio Capello over to watch the highlights of my football team’s demolition of Barcelona.

Bramall Hall

Just before we broke up, we went on a visit to Bramall Hall where we found out loads more about what life was like for people living in Tudor times. We found out how they made their buildings (with wattle and daub), what rich and poor people would eat, about Tudor attitudes to cleanliness and much much more.
While we were there we also had a go at making wattles and daub (thankfully NOT with authentic materials), Tudor dancing, using a quill and we also got to see the wonderful ballroom in the hall.
Many of us dressed as Tudors (thanks parents for organising this) and some of us even ate simple Tudor style lunches.
Our Bramall Hall visit on PhotoPeach
And more…
Bramall Hall Part 2 on PhotoPeach
And more from Mrs. Kind…
Tudor Experience at Bramall Hall on PhotoPeach
And finally (also from Mrs. Kind)…
More Bramall Hall on PhotoPeach

Recording Music

This week we were lucky enough to go to Chorlton High to record our music for their production of William Shakespeare’s Comedy Of Errors. We had to move quickly to get there and when we were there we had to wait a bit before we recorded. Also, once we had recorded our part, we had to really move quickly to get back to school in time.
Despite all of the hard work (including carrying our instruments) I thought we did really well; our music sounded fantastic!
Here are a few photos of our recording session.
Recording at Chorlton High on PhotoPeach
If you are wondering why I’ve chosen the music, listen to the percussion, it sounds like the music we recorded (although I’ve not added any cranky vocals 😉 ).

Tudor Portraits

We have been making Tudor Portraits.  First we used sketching pencils to make a cartoon.  After that we used water colours to paint in the skin colours.  Finally we used chalk pastels to add colour in the costumes and to add shading detail to to skin.

Our portraits are of Henry VII, Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Kathryn Howard, Katherine Parr, Edward VI, Mary, Elizabeth, Walter Raleigh, Christopher Columbus, Francis Drake, William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe.

The music is Greensleves, which was apparently written by Henry VIII (who used to be a musician when he was young and thought that his older brother Arthur would become King).

Tudor Portraits on PhotoPeach


Lots of you have asked me how to do different types of smileys.  Here is a table that shows you what to do.  The only thing you need to do is to get rid of the spaces between the colons (:) and the text.  It’s a bit like spelling, to spell a word like ‘dog’ you need to put the letters ‘d o g’ together with no spaces to make the word. 

This is the same with emoticons, if you type : lol : without spaces you get 😆

smile : ) : – ) : smile : lol : lol :
biggrin : D : – D : grin : redface : oops :
sad : ( : – ( : sad : cry : cry :
surprised : o : - o : eek : evil : evil :
eek 8 O 8 – O : shock : twisted : twisted :
confused : ? : – ? : ??? : rolleyes : roll :
cool 8 ) 8 – ) : cool : exclaim : ! :
mad : x : – x : mad : question : ? :
razz : P : – P : razz : idea : idea :
neutral : | : – | : neutral : arrow : arrow :
wink ; ) ; – ) : wink : mrgreen : mrgreen :

This table has been copied from a blog by someone called Bethany.  If Bethany or any of her friends are here, thank you for typing it all out, I hope you don’t mind me showing my class how to make emoticons using your work.  😳

Making Instruments

This year, as part of our work with Chorlton High school, our Y4 children have been working with Liz Cheatham. Liz asked the children to first make instruments before working to create music for a production of Shakespeare’s Comedy Of Errors. Here are a few pictures of my class making and posing with their instruments.
Making Instruments on PhotoPeach

South Lakes Wildlife Park

Well, I told you about South Lakes Wildlife Park and now I’ve been.  I went on Saturday with my wife and a couple of friends.  It is superb.  There are lots of lemurs wandering around and all sorts of other great animals too.  Also, when they feed the tigers and jaguars, they put the meat high up on a pole (like a telegraph pole) and the animals climb up them to get their food.  The tigers were so quick that it was frightening!

If anyone is intending to go, it takes about two hours from Manchester and I’d take a packed lunch as the food at the Park is quite expensive.

South Lakes Wildlife Park on PhotoPeach