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Video Adverts

When we studied persuasive adverts we made videos to persuade us to visit other countries. The videos were finished a while ago but they’ve not been put on our blog before because we were always going to use them in our assembly. Now we’ve had our assembly, enjoy the videos. 🙂

Our Tudor Exhibition

We have now finished our Tudor illustrated reports and they are on display outside our classroom, next to the office. You can see a range of topics that have been researched and compiled into reports by my wonderfully hard working class.
You can see the slideshow here but the colours are more vivid and the words easier to read if you come into the school and have a look for yourselves 🙂
Our Tudor Exhibition on PhotoPeach

Woking hard to make our Tudor display work

This is the scene that slightly scares me. Throughout the year the children have been taught how to research, compile and write non-chronological reports. They have also been taught how to set up an area to work in to use a range of different media: chalks, oil pastels, water colours, Brusho etc.
This is the part when everyone is hard at work, using a range of different resouces, making the backgrounds or images to illustrate their Tudor reports.
The class began by making a mind map of all the different areas that they could research: crime and punishment, Henry VIII, Henry’s wives, exploration, Tudor food… the list was huge! Then they were given time to research an area that they were interested in and take notes. We then compiled our notes into sections before writing topic paragraphs that organised our work.
I was worried, with so many different materials on the tables, that all sorts of accidents and catastrophes could happen. However, I have been delighted by how everyone has worked really hard and has looked after the resources. Well done everyone!
I’ll post images of the display and each piece of work once they are completed.
Making our illustrated Tudor reports on PhotoPeach

Tudor Handkerchiefs

As part of our Tudor study we looked at the Tudor alphabet. We decided to practise our first initial in our handwriting books. Then we sewed them onto handkerchiefs using an embroidery hoop to hold the material.
Tudor Hankies on PhotoPeach

Making Instruments

This year, as part of our work with Chorlton High school, our Y4 children have been working with Liz Cheatham. Liz asked the children to first make instruments before working to create music for a production of Shakespeare’s Comedy Of Errors. Here are a few pictures of my class making and posing with their instruments.
Making Instruments on PhotoPeach

Kenyan Animal Poetry

As we studied Kenya, we linked our literacy and artwork to create (initially) shape poetry based on Kenyan animals. After this we used BRUSHO to create a Kenyan sunset and then looked at science (silhouettes) in our sketch books. All of this work will go into our Kenyan self-made books.

How to Make a Book

My class recently created poems based on Kenyan animals so I thought it would be nice for us to make a class book to contain copies of them. Big thanks to the BOSH children who actually made the book.

I’ll apologise now because I forgot to take a couple of photos so one or two steps may not be as clear as they should be.

If anyone has any questions about any part of the book making shown, don’t hesitate to ask.