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Sticks and Domes

Brookburn had a FAB day (Fun At Brookburn) on Friday when each class was asked to do a demonstration lesson. Before I even knew what we would do with my class Mrs. McKessy asked if we could do some Andy Goldsworthy style environmental art.
One of the important principles of Andy Goldsworthy’s art is that you can only use natural materials to make whatever you make, it’s important not to use tape or string or anything else that would not be found naturally and many of his works require a lot of patience. We chose to make a large stick dome as there were so many of us to gather the sticks we’d need.
Consequently, here we have it. Photos of my class and some parent volunteers building up a stick dome/behive/pile/nest/… If you have any better words to describe what we made, please do.
The music chosen is Brick by Brick by Arctic Monkeys, If only they had sung Stick by Stick, it would have suited this much better.
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Maths with Daisies!

It’s school grounds’ week, time to get out there as much as possible. Today I set a challenge: Who can collect the most daisies from one square metre of the field?

This may sound simple but there was a lot of maths involved. We had to revise area by drawing on cm squares. We then look at perimeter and the properties of shape. Following this we had to scale up our ideas to looked at one square metre. Then we had a problem. How could we all do it at the same time when we had (at best) one 1m ruler each despite the fact we’d need four? We used string to measure the perimeter and the corners of our maths books to measure the right angles.

Have a look at how we got on.

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Back in class we then looked at collecting all our data and making bar charts to show the information. This led to a discussion of the scales to use and the use of rounding (to the nearest 10) to help us draw our bar charts.

It was all good fun though!

You can see the

Superheroes For Hire!

Last week KS2 had a writing week dedicated to Superheroes. As we were already looking at persuasive writing, our class decided to make classified ads (those adverts that you sometimes see on notice boards in SUPERmarkets) to advertise the skills of different Superheroes that we made up. It was a great oportunity to create our own Superhero and it also gave us a chance to practice using connectives to explain how our characters could help people and to explain some of their limitations.
The characters were designed in our sketch books before being drawn and finally coloured using drawing ink. Finally the pictures were put with the classified texts and backed ready for display.
I hope you enjoy looking at them, I think they are all SUPER. Please feel free to use your own superlatives to describe this work 😉
Superheroes For Hire! on PhotoPeach

Using My Senses

At the end of our poetry unit we looked a poem called Using My Senses as a starting point for our own senses poems. Following on from our sound poems, we used ICT, this time using Microsoft Movie Maker, to record our own poems. Then we collected and altered images to go with the words of our poem. Finally we tried to add sounds to help us illustrate our ideas to the next level.

Persuade me…

At the moment we are looking at persuasive writing in our literacy work, consequently I thought I’d put a blog up here so that we can practise and collect examples of persuasive language.  I decided to base it on the party game where you normally have to remember what the first person said before adding an extra item for the next person to add to the list.

Usually the game makes a list of undescribed items (I bought an apple, seven sausages, a Beano comic… etc.), let’s try to make a list of amazingly appealing items instead.

To start us off…

I went to the shop and bought a delicious, freshly picked green apple.

2000 Comments? Very Nearly!

We have now had 1897 comments since we began this blog in September. I’d like to thank all those who have commented for your effort and time, YOU are the people who help to motivate my class and I towards quality work worthy of display on the internet.  There was a certificate for the 1000th comment that went to Che from my class, I’ve decided that I will make one for the 2000th comment as well.  If the 2000th comment comes from overseas then I will post a comment to thank you for your effort and time before awarding the paper copy to the student within our school who came closest to the 2000th.
To our reguar visitors from schools around the world; to family members wherever you are; to other students from Brookburn and existing class members who visit this blog and contribute with your comments… THANK YOU!

Tudor Research

During this half-term we are going to write reports about different aspects of Tudor life. Instead of the whole class studying food one day, fashion the next etc., we are going to each choose an area that we are interested in and research it as our homework.
For example, you may be interested in one of these topics:
weapons, food, fashion, rich and poor, schools and education, sport and leisure, health and hygiene, crime and punishment, Tudor theatres, ships, house, medicine, religion, explorers, houses, the battle of Bosworth, Henry VIII, Henry VII, Shakespeare or ANYTHING!
Let me know what you are doing and what you have found out on this blog.

What would you do?

Sean has just fibbed about making a time machine during the half-term holidays.  This, as Sean rightly said, leads to the important question:  If you could go back in time who would you visit and why?

Another Queen Bites The Dust!

As we’ve been working on newspaper reports I thought I’d give you a chance to create your own Tudor headlines and opening sentences for a Tudor-themed report. 

Try to make your headline snappy enough to make me want to read the article.  Then try to include a ‘who, what, where, when and why’ in your opening sentence (orientation).

You could write about any major story from Tudor times or even about our own visit to Bramall Hall. Here’s my effort.

Another Queen Bites The Dust!

Catherine Howard became the second of King Henry’s wives to be beheaded, at the Tower of London last night, after she was found to be seeing another man behind Henry’s back.

1000th Comment is Nearly Here!

Well done Y4B (and any visitors who’ve commented too), your frequent use of this blog has almost got us 1000 comments. The person who provides the 1000th will get a certificate to show their achievement.
Good luck.