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Making Buddhas

As part of our study of Buddhism we used clay to make our own Buddhas. The big gold one lives in my back garden and was brought into class for the children to see. We also looked at a lot of images of Buddha statues, studying his calm appearance, before we began.

Kenyan Animal Poetry

As we studied Kenya, we linked our literacy and artwork to create (initially) shape poetry based on Kenyan animals. After this we used BRUSHO to create a Kenyan sunset and then looked at science (silhouettes) in our sketch books. All of this work will go into our Kenyan self-made books.

How to Make a Book

My class recently created poems based on Kenyan animals so I thought it would be nice for us to make a class book to contain copies of them. Big thanks to the BOSH children who actually made the book.

I’ll apologise now because I forgot to take a couple of photos so one or two steps may not be as clear as they should be.

If anyone has any questions about any part of the book making shown, don’t hesitate to ask.